Permaculture Toowoomba Inc.

Our Facebook Group was first established in 2018 to seek community interest in forming an incorporated not-for-profit association.  Following significant support, a public meeting was convened at Sunday 16 June 2019 at the multi-purpose community meeting room on Level 3 of the Toowoomba City Library. 

We had 28 people attend this inaugural foundation meeting, and 9 others who sent their apologies, and the resolution was passed unanimously to become Permaculture Toowoomba Inc. in compliance with Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

On 24 July 2019, our application to become incorporated was approved by the Office of Fair Trading and our Incorporation Number is IA58883.

As an incorporated association, we have Rules approved under the Associated Act 1981.  These Rules require us to have a Management Committee that is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Management Committee Members are all volunteers who meet regularly and work within the Rules to ensure the effective functioning of Permaculture Toowoomba Inc.

Management Committee 2021-2022

Debbie Bassingthwaighte

Debbie Bassingthwaighte

President 2019-2022 | Events Communication 2021-2022
Adam Gould

Adam Gould

Vice President 2021-2022
Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers

Vice President 2020-2021 | Events Coordinator 2021-2022

Tim Nash

Secretary 2020-2022

Ingrid Tatow

Committee Member 2020-2021 | Treasurer 2021-2022

Sophie Murphy

Membership Registrar
Janet Dennison

Janet Dennison

Secretary 2019-2020 | Welcoming Officer 2020-2022

Shirley Dunsdon

Committee Member 2020-2021 | Events Host 2021-2022
Janine Brown

Janine Brown

Committee Member 2020-2021 | Newsletter Editor 2021-2022

Facebook Group

In addition to this website, we have a Public Facebook Group as a place for you to connect with others, share interesting ideas and exciting projects, and learn and be inspired together.

Our central focus is on Permaculture Ethics and Principles, along with the practical application of these in our daily lives.  The aim is to support each other and build our individual and collective resilience, knowledge and skills.

We welcome discussion on Permaculture topics:

  • Land and Nature Stewardship
  • Building and Passive Solar Design
  • Tools and Technology
  • Education and Culture
  • Health and Spiritual Well-Being
  • Finances and Economics
  • Land Tenure and Community Governance

We also encourage you to ask questions, share tips and online resources, and upload your photos.  We enjoy seeing:

  • Images of gardens, plants, food, retrofitting, upcycling and your many creative projects
  • Recipes, plans, charts, lists and guides
  • Examples of Permaculture Designs
  • Ideas, concepts, case studies and examples that showcase achievements and highlight possibilities

People Care

Within the tenets of People Care we celebrate the diversity of our members.  Therefore, when interacting in person, via electronic communications or on our Facebook Group we ask you to:

  • Be respectful, inclusive and sensitive to others
  • Have honest, friendly and positive interactions
  • Be helpful, curious and thoughtful
  • Promote a safe and informative online experience
  • Handle sensitive issues in private via a personal message or private conversation
  • Protect individual privacy and be aware of confidentiality
  • Keep all posts aligned to the purpose of our group
  • Limit the promotion of events, products or services to those specifically relevant to this group, and to no more often than once per event.
  • Always acknowledge the original work and intellectual property of others.  Share original posts, name the authors of quotes, and identify all sources of diagrams and images that are not your own.