Debbie Bassingthwaighte

President 2019-2022 | Events Communication 2021-2022
Debbie is a teacher and designer with a deep interest in permaculture-inspired self-reliance and resilience.  Living on a peaceful 5
Adam Gould

Adam Gould

Vice President 2021-2022

Sam Rogers

Vice President 2020-2021 | Events Coordinator 2021-2022
Sam is a qualified carpenter and registered builder with a passion for community connectedness and promoting a sustainable, ethical lifestyle.
Tim Nash

Tim Nash

Secretary 2020-2022
Tim Nash is an environmental and soil scientist with experience providing technical advice for soil management and undertaking revegetation, site

Ingrid Tatow

Committee Member 2020-2021 | Treasurer 2021-2022

Sophie Murphy

Membership Registrar 2021-2022
Janet Dennison

Janet Dennison

Secretary 2019-2020 | Welcoming Officer 2020-2022
Janet Dennison grew up on a small mixed farm in the Yarra Valley (Victoria), where the family grew most of

Shirley Dunsdon

Committee Member 2020-2021 | Events Host 2021-2022
Janine Brown

Janine Brown

Committee Member 2020-2021 | Newsletter Editor 2021-2022
Janine Brown is an enthusiastic amateur gardener, bee keeper, chook lover and very new to permaculture, so she feels everything