Permaculture Ethics

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Permaculture Ethics

Ethics is what you do in the dark when no one’s watching.

– Rushworth Kidder (2003), the founder of the Institute of Global Ethics

Permaculture Ethics form the foundations of the permaculture design system and guide us to make decisions that support us to live an ethical life.   Therefore, our goal is to make all actions we take strictly in agreement with the ethics of permaculture.

Permaculture Ethics have usually included three broad maxims.

Earth Care

Husband soil, forests and water.

People Care

Look after self, kin and community.

Fair Share

Set limits to consumption and reproduction, and redistribute surplus.

David Holmgren has designed an Ethics and Design Principles Poster and has generously made this freely available under a creative commons licence.  This poster is free to copy, distribute and transmit for non-commercial purposes, but must not be altered.

Download David Holmgren’s Ethics and Design Principles Poster here.

Ethics and Design Principles Poster