Rangpur Lime

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Rangpur Lime

Productive Plant – Rangpur Lime

by Debbie Bassingthwaighte

Botanical Name:Citrus x limonia ‘Osbeck’

Common Names:  Rangpur Lime, Rangpur, Mandarin Lime, Canton Lemon, Lemandarin

Description:  The Rangpur Lime is an unusual citrus that is often mistaken for a mandarin but is actually a mandarin-lemon cross.  It’s an attractive, fast-growing, broad-leafed, evergreen tree that is more cold tolerant than true limes.  The tree growth is very vigorous and branches are slender and thorny with a drooping habit.  The fruit is bright orange and abundant and looks similar to small mandarins rather than limes.  Each fruit has between 6-18 small cream-green seeds.  They grow best in full sun with some seasonal watering during dry periods.  Fruit is produced from late autumn through to spring.  It can be grown in the ground in well-drained soil with protection from severe frosts and is also suitable for large pots.  It is self-fertile and doesn’t need a pollinator.

Culinary Uses:  Rangpur Limes are prized for their tangy, smoky flavour, and both the zest and juice are used for sweet and savoury dishes.  The peel exudes a fresh lime fragrance and the flesh is tart and juicy and an ideal substitute for limes or lemons.  Small, whole fruits are sometimes candied or pickled, and the leaves are highly-scented and can also be used in cooking.