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Share Table

Share Table

Do you have surplus?

We encourage you to bring your surplus produce, plants, seeds, books and resources to share with others at our monthly Connect and Learn evenings on the last Monday of each month.

Some ideas of what you could bring include:
  • fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, honey, milk, cheese
  • jams, pickles, preserves, jars, ferments, starters, SCOBYs
  • seeds, plants, seedlings, cuttings, tubers
  • tools, pots, tubs, plumbing and irrigation bits and pieces
  • gardening magazines, permaculture books
  • recipes, patterns, how to guides, plans
  • manure, coffee grounds, compost additives, shredded paper
  • worms, meal worms, fertile eggs
  • offers of grain, hay, kindling, fire wood (to be collected later)
  • wool, fabric, craft supplies
  • soap, natural cleaning products, plastic alternatives, produce bags
  • … the list is extensive … be creative!

Don’t worry if you don’t have something to bring, there’s always something for you to take home.  The pleasure is in the generosity of a connected community.

Please bring whatever you can … and then take home whatever you need … within our culture of generosity and free sharing.