Nourished Landscapes

Nourished Landscapes


Nourished Landscapes – Doreen Jachmann

Welcome to Nourished Landscapes with Doreen Jachmann!

We believe in the power of growing your own food. Our workshops and community are designed to help you learn the art of edible gardening and create a nourished landscape in your own backyard.

Nourished Landscapes specializes in edible landscaping and permaculture services, providing a holistic approach to designing outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but also productive and sustainable.

Our team offers:

  • consultations to assess your space
  • designs tailored to your needs
  • presentations to educate and inspire
  • workshop facilitation to teach you the skills
  • installations to bring your vision to life, and
  • sales of plants, seeds, composting worms, and castings to support your journey towards self-sufficiency.

Want to be more disaster prepared?

Have a garden that provides food, fiber, medicine?

Perhaps a wish to go partially or fully off the grid?

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