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Pickle & Pine – Marion McKenzie

Pickle & Pine’s focus is to provide practical, sustainable and scalable solutions to the typical household in Australia. We want people to get the most out of the land they live on, in the way of fresh home-grown products. Helping to lay the platform to give the best shot and getting this done.

We see our business like a small growing tree. Branches will grow upwards and outwards. Our first initial branches will grow into handmade soaps, dehydrated foods and preserves, easier ways to grow our own foods, reducing waste by composting, through to building our own furniture and backyard landscaping.

As we grow, so will our products and services. The aim is always set on sustainable living and an enjoyable environment for the whole family to get involved.

Sharing knowledge is the key to increasing awareness of the way of self-sufficient living, helping to make people happier, healthier and ultimately helping the environment.

Website: www.pickleandpine.com.au

Instagram : pickleandpineqld

Facebook : Pickle and Pine

Email: hello@pickleandpine.com.au

Special 10% Discount for members

A 10% discount will apply for all Permaculture Toowoomba Inc. Members for the purchase of Pickle & Pine home composting produces. This includes all brand refills and all other additional system purchases. No freight costs will be on charged.

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Pickle & Pine