Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers

Events Coordinator 2021 | Vice President 2020


Sam is a qualified carpenter and registered builder with a passion for community connectedness and promoting a sustainable, ethical lifestyle. He is a registered trainer and assessor with natural leadership and communication skills. Inspired by Permaculture principles and ethics, Sam is driven to live low waste by upcycling and reusing – continuously making the most of the place he is currently renting.

Living in a small duplex, Sam is always finding innovative solutions to living and growing in a small space. He has converted the unused concrete car park in front of the unit into six water-saving garden beds. To save flushing water down the drain, he’s converted the kitchen sink plumbing to collect its water. This and the used shower water is passed through the small double-layer grey water system he has installed in the backyard before being used to water the garden. Next he’ll be creating a 4m x 4m seven bed mandala garden in the backyard.

Sam’s vision of a regenerative and resilient local community inspired his business – Journeyman Permaculture. Through Journeyman Permaculture, Sam is a market leader providing high-quality products and services. Combining his passion for Permaculture and his experience as a carpenter, Sam’s products use locally sourced, food-grade materials and can be custom built to suit any garden.

His business is built on three pillars, Build, Grow and Learn. His aim is to engage through education to help build the skills required to foster community resilience.