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Wren Herbal


Wren Herbal – Jenni Pemberton

After years of experimenting and using plants, herbs and remedies I decided to undertake study at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies where I qualified as a Herbalist – Adv. Dip. WHM in 2016. 

My passion is working with Clients to support and achieve improvement to ‘gut health’ as this had been her lived experience.  The treatment includes modifying food choices – depending on symptoms, focussing on ways to manage stress and environmental factors which is achieving good results.

Wren Herbal also conducts regular workshops that are hands-on, allowing you to create your own products and offering tools on how you can modify the recipes to suit your needs at home.  These events are listed on Wren Herbal Facebook page with relevant details.

I’m currently working in collaboration with @devi_shakti_yoga, providing herbal information for people to help regulate the nervous system in times of stress and overwhelm.

One additional technique that I’ve recently added to my skills is supporting the Vagus Nerve to change numerous issues in the body.

Contact me to arrange a consultation if you feel interested in this form of support.

  0408 987 391

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/wrenherbal/