Wendy Wieden

Wendy Wieden

Welcoming Officer 2023-2024 | Event Host 2023


Wendy Wieden loves the concept of producing food for her family and friends and has been on a learning curve about different eco systems as she has moved up and down the eastern seaboard.  Having been brought up on a cattle property in the South Burnett with a mother who loved gardening and a father who was intentional about being a good steward of his land, it was in her blood to value the natural world.

She has been passionate about the responsibility and influence of being a Mumma.  Wendy has home-birthed 3 of her 5 children, and has home-schooled for about 18 years.  During the years of home-schooling, she would always start the school week with gardening and developing a permaculture style veggie garden with her children.

Wendy now lives with her husband and family on 10 acres at Goombungee where she is slowly implementing Permaculture principles.  She now enjoys seeing her grandchildren eating fresh beans and tomatoes out of her garden.  She has milking goats and uses some of the milk for cheese, as well as chooks who work in the garden for her and provide lovely eggs.  Wendy loves the idea of making do and using recycled and second-hand items.